Access to clean water and sanitation is essential for everyone, and more so for women and girls who are the most vulnerable. UMC supports local governments, state and national government through instituting right policies and guidelines, preparing and building capacities of officials on use of standard operating procedures, conducting research, mapping and through the much needed handholding assistance.

UMC provides support to enable improvements across the entire value chain of water and sanitation.

We have worked across a wide spectrum ranging from micro-level assessments where we have done technical audits of 2000 public toilets in cities of Ahmedabad and Vishakhapatnam; to doing a city wide assessment to know where such facilities are lacking; to collecting data from 170 cities of Gujarat for a period of 8 years to guiding the Government of Gujarat on how to improve water and sanitation. We have been especially active in schools and ran the Ahmedabad Sanitation Action Lab (ASAL) from 2014-17, for improving WASH in municipal schools in Ahmedabad. We have supported the national level Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) as well as the state level Mahatma Gandhi Swachhta Mission (MGSM).

We are currently engaged in implementing MISAAL with the support of USAID.