Local governments play a key role in health management because they are closest to the communities and have a mandate to ensure that their cities are healthy and sustainable.

While there is a huge focus on curative health, there is an equal need to build systems and processes in local governments to have preventative health systems.

UMC’s extensive work over the past 15 years emphasizes the strong linkages between health and sanitation and advocates for better access to environmental services and health infrastructure, especially for the urban poor.

UMC’s focus is on fostering better health management practices through improved governance, systems improvement and fostering convergence between health and allied departments.

We extensively use GIS technology for preparing health maps, conducting proximity analysis and assist local bodies in spatial monitoring of disease.

We actively engage with government stakeholders, institutions as well as the community and use a variety of tools and methods to capture the views of service providers and seekers and identify issues in service delivery. UMC also carries out facility assessments to evaluate existing health facilities in terms of staffing, infrastructure and maintenance.