The foundation for tackling any developmental issue be it health, water-sanitation, gender equality, mobility or finance is availability of sound research.

UMC provides high quality research to national, state and local governments and to other developmental sector organisations to help diagnose the problem and to determine which intervention would be most effective. This helps formulate evidence based planning and policies. UMC offers tailor made research solutions ranging from baseline studies, rapid appraisals, performance measurement, social audits, citizen report cards, institutional and governance assessments. UMC offers a unique combination of field expertise with research findings to help improve quality of life.

UMC provides documentation support to help capture “what works” or “what does not work”. UMC has been a pioneer in documenting leading practices across sectors since its inception and it effectively uses audio-visual tools as means of documenting a program or leading practice. It offers a unique combination of domain sector expertise with film editing expertise to produce crisp, compelling visual narratives.