Heritage consists of the built environment, indigenous techniques, and local knowledge that have been carried over from the past and help us tell the story of our history and identity. Heritage conservation has been a challenge to all levels of governments, especially for local governments who have to directly deal with these properties.

At UMC, we firmly believe that old buildings and city plans in and around urban areas should be looked upon as assets rather than liabilities because they represent the history of communities, embodying their tradition, heritage and culture through architecture and the urban form.  UMC believes that potential conflicts between conservation and development can be avoided by increasing the functional integration of urban space through comprehensive planning and research.

UMC has worked extensively on heritage projects in Gujarat and the rest of India and our works includes documenting, listing and grading heritage assets, preparation of heritage management plans, creation of heritage specific bye-laws around ASI protected monuments and providing hand holding support for design and construction to develop heritage precincts.

UMC’s Director Manvita Baradi is also a member of AMC’s Heritage Conservation Committee.