Across the world, cities face similar problems when it comes to urban governance. It is on these premises that the partnerships between local, regional and international cities are based. UMC believes that a change is easier to bring when there is learning through experience sharing, backed by handholding support of someone who has experience of having handled a similar situation.

UMC affects change by exchange of innovations between local governments within India, in the South Asian region and the United States of America. These partnerships are based on the idea that local governments worldwide face similar governance issues and exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience aids development of solutions. UMC plays the role of a facilitator and catalyst for the exchange of best practices or successful innovations between cities. It acts as a guide between the partner cities and helps the recipient cities adapt the innovations in their own context and in a manner which is most feasible and suited to their needs. UMC works hands-on with recipient cities and helps them overcome hurdles in the learning and transfer process by using tools like study tours, seminars, presentations, internships etc. It has created successful partnerships among cities and organizations in India, Afghanistan, US and other South Asian cities.