UMC has provided technical support and guidance to Lebanon’s local urban organizations in developing the local economy of select cities in the country.

Lebanon, one of the most developed of the Arab countries was caught in a political turmoil which affected its economy and the tourism sector majorly. UMC assisted ICMA in preparing the final strategy for the local economic development for the selected cities of Jounieh, Saida, Tripoli, Zahle and Sour. ICMA was awarded the project to help these cities strengthen their economy and improve the local municipal management systems by providing strategies on developing the municipal finance framework, modernizing the collection and documentation of the process of property tax modernization and assessing the current funding. The program was conducted with the support of the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities with funding from the World Bank. Consultants and advisors were employed from across the globe to facilitate this project — UMC was a technical advisor for this project.

UMC provided technical assistance to the final strategy for local economic development for the cities by reviewing the prepared material and strategies, studying the data and documentation and provided further ideas for the procedure. UMC, which has the experience of working for heritage development and conservation having worked in the cities of Surat and Uran in India, employed this expertise in Lebanon. The organization directed the selected cities on norms to develop and preserve the tangible and non tangible heritage of their respective cities and use them to promote and propagate tourism — tourism is one of the main industries that support the local economy of Lebanon.