Communication Design for Solid Waste Management, Ahmedabad

Communication empowers! UMC believes that communication holds the key to successful implementation of projects that ultimately affect the lives of citizens. Governments envision change but at times are unable to implement them due to inability in involving and informing citizens.

Solid Waste Management comprises a substantial and critical component of work of ULBs. This is also an area where citizens need to be made aware of their role in achieving clean and health cities. Design of IEC material for SWM aims to reach out to different stakeholders including children, youth, housewives, offices, institutions, commercial groups etc. We have undertaken communication design for two SWM plans.

Information, Education and CommunicationProgram for Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s Solid Waste Management (SWM) knows that parallel to investments and regulations, Information, Education and Communication (IEC) is an important element to improve Ahmedabad's SWM and we have been given the task of providing communication strategies and develop content for AMC’s initiative.

We have produced documentaries, advertisements and theatre slides in Hindi, Gujarati and English languages, developed content and designed brochures and pamphlets for the local community; written scripts for street plays and road shows as well as designed kits for children and youth. We are also undertaking surveys to establish baseline surveys and to evaluate the efficacy of the IEC Campaign.

Communication Strategy For Mumbai Solid Waste Management

As part of the Mumbai Task Force’s project to address economic growth issues and living conditions, we provided guidance and conducted analysis of Mumbai’s economy and developed a communication strategy for effective Solid Waste Management (SWM) in Mumbai.

We provided guidance in the technological and communication issues in creating the communication strategy—the main objectives of the program were to provide strong leadership for the waste management agenda through promotion of a clear and compelling brand towards zero waste in Mumbai, build shared actions on SWM through creation of partnerships, improve consistency and integration of messages, focus on creating responsibility among individuals and organizations for role clarity, increase visibility and profile of waste issues to improve awareness and knowledge in the community, increase visibility and profile of MCGM's SWM Department as a leader.

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