Performance Measurement

Rapid urbanization, increasing population and depleting resources have strained urban local governments which are struggling to provide adequate services to its citizenry. UMC understands that most cities are suffering due to inadequate data and information — lack of knowledge undermines the city managers' ability to understand complex forces shaping their cities and deters them from developing and testing effective urban policies.

We believe that cities can use performance measurement as a tool to analyze their performance across sectors to set up service standards or objectives, become customer-focused, identify best practices, exchange information and compare progress with other cities. Our activities in the area of performance measurement, evaluation and improvement are aimed at strengthening local governments so that cities may meet benchmarks for service delivery and provide better services to inhabitants.

UMC has worked with CMAs towards initiating performance measurement in states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Uttaranchal.

UMC has partnered with the CEPT University which received financial support from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to implement the Performance Assessment System (PAS) for Urban Water Supply and Sanitation. The 5-year PAS program which is implemented across all 167 cities in Gujarat State aims to build capacity of cities to enable cities to facilitate self-assessment of their performance.

UMC conducted performance measurement of 14 cities under the Indo-US FIRE (D) III program to track improved resource mobilization and financial self sufficiency.

We have also conducted training programs on Performance Measurement at the World Urban Forum IV and VI at Nanjing, China and Naples, Italy. UMC has also provided training to Indonesian and Sri Lankan Local Government Associations and cities for setting up Performance Measurement systems.

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