Decades of terrorism and war have destroyed Afghanistan and turned the country into a dangerous battlefield. The constant state of combat has created large number of refugees and increased migration of poor to urban areas. International organizations are attempting to redevelop the nation but continuous battles have destroyed the existing infrastructure, there is lack of finance for redevelopment which is slow paced and unable to match the increasing population and urbanization. UMC organized and coordinated study tours for the municipality staff and mayors from cities in Afghanistan. The tailor-made study tours laid emphasis on good governance, solid waste management, urban green areas and water supply systems. The study tours provided a chance to the visiting mayors and municipality staff to interact with Indian city government officials to learn as well as share the best practices that could be replicated in Afghanistan cities. UMC also collaborated to create a Municipal Management Manual for the cities of Afghanistan and created a city profile and Strategic Municipal Action Plan SMAP for Bazarak, the provincial capital of Panjshir province.